Long Overdue Update!

First things first- here is what my inspiration has been feeding off of lately:

Mothers – It Hurts Until It Doesn’t
Chris Cerrone – Double Happiness
Broadcast – Winter Now
Jesu/Sun Kil Moon – Beautiful You
Slint – Don Aman

It has been since early November. Within the past nearly 5 months, life has had some unexpected turns, mostly involving doing more side work than I had anticipated. What kind of side work? Well here is what I’ve been up to:

Last October I met a videographer, Michal Garrigues, at a small concert hosted by the Center for New Music. In early January I was honored to find out that he wanted to do a collaboration with me on a short film. “Drift” is the name of the short film, for which I did some sound art and music composition for. The experience of fabricating sound effects and musical ornaments to accompany motion picture was nothing short of exciting. Since I have been exploring ideas of musique concrete with my own work beforehand, this was a natural transition. I was able to naturally collect recordings of street sounds and self made sounds that would be manipulated to fit the film. The production should be finished in the near future and I will definitely be posting about it once it is done!

A Note Before I Go
A month after I had started work on “Drift”, I was approached by some of my college classmates to arrange an opera that was composed by my friend, Josh Sanders. This was a very unique experience for me. I was initially given a piano score for the entire opera and I spent about four weeks adapting the work for a small orchestral ensemble to perform. Painting with the different timbral colors that I had at my disposal brought to light some creative things I can do with my own work (that hardly involves anything traditionally orchestral). The premiere of the work is tonight at UC Berkeley and I am excited to hear how the whole thing comes together!

The band. Something I honestly haven’t had as much time as I would like, mainly for putting well spent energy with the two aforementioned projects. One big update with Bokeh is that recently a good friend of mine, Josiah Branaman, has joined me in playing bass guitar amongst a few other things! We played a show this past Saturday at Studio Grand in Oakland- a four song set that lasted about 20 minutes. Short and sweet. The show was a good test run in playing with each other for the first time in public, try out some new songs, and get our toes dipped into the water before recording more music. In speaking of which, we have officially started the creative process of writing our first record! Yes, this does mean more regular updates on the blog! With other life things finally settling down, I am able to devote more time to Bokeh and where my heart resides, which is composing and performing original music. Often times I find that the music will eventually take care of itself, sometimes it is the logistical and pragmatic aspects of life that need more attention. The past five months have definitely been a testament to that, with a few items on the stovetop that still need some processing. However, I can confidently say that the Bokeh train is once again taking off and that the music has indeed taken care of itself.

So here’s to seeing what comes next. I promise the next update won’t be so belated!


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